Corridors Of Gunterlacs: Chapter 2

“Hey! Can anyone hear me!” Carter screamed as the screeching concrete deafened his ears. His head was about explode from the high pitch screams of concrete against concrete. “God damn it! Anyone! Is there anyone that can hear me!” He shouted once again.

Holding the metal bars tight, he tried to shake them as hard as he could but they were still firmly in place. He even tried kicking the bars down like a madman in an attempt to break them down but they just stayed shut. The room had now decreased to the size of a janitor’s closet, small enough to only fit three to four full sized adults. Carter was about to be crushed into the metal bars of his little grey cell and he knew it. He needed a key and fast.

“Hey! Anyone! God damn it! Anyone!” He screamed out of desperation.

“Get back.” A deep male voice rang through the air. Through the cell bars in front of him stood a tall bald man in a checkered shirt. He had a handgun and it was pointed at the lock from the outside. “You might want to stand back a bit.”

Sensing danger, Carter moved away in that very instance. In a blinding flash and ear rupturing explosion, the gun fired and pulsated several shots into the lock. It broke into three pieces, its metal bent and malformed out of place. Almost immediately, Carter kicked door open and rushed outside before it was too late. He could feel his heart racing as he exited the small cell that had now been reduced to a mere locker sized space. His lungs were on fire as he hunched over and tried to catch his breath.

“Hands up where I can see them boy.” The bald man threw his words calmly as he pointed the gun at him. The man’s voice was stern and strict, sounding like an army commando instructing his troops. Making sure that he wearing the pants in this situation

“Wow! Wow! Calm down!” Carter coughed as he let the words slip off his tongue. He was out from a bad place but was now in equally hot soup. Quickly, he heeded the man’s words to avoid any unnecessary conflict. A bullet through the middle of his skull could spell more than what a little cosmetic surgery could help with. “What. What’s going on man?”

“Just making sure of some things boy.” The man put some distance between him and Carter with his gun still raised. His brows were fixated on the boy’s hands which were now raised as he did so. There was a little twinkle in his eye as if to acknowledge Carter’s response as appropriate. “Never know who you can trust in a shithole like this.”

Carter swallowed his thickening saliva down his throat as he panted. His already tired hands were starting to shiver in pain as his mind tried to come up with solution after solution in an attempt to find a way out of the sticky situation.

“What’s yer name, boy?” The man asked as he cleared his throat, making sure his voice was fully audible.

“Jeremy. And you?”

“They call me George where I come from. Where’re you from?”

“From London.” Carter replied with his hands still in the air. The man seemed to squint in an irritable gaze at this statement.

“And where are we now?”

“Like hell do I know!” Carter screamed aloud fearing that if the bald man was unsatisfied with his answer, it would spell doom for he himself.

George shook his head. “Well, looks like its mutual then.” His voice softened a few notches as he signaled for Carter to put his hands down.

“What do you mean?” Carter asked as his arms went limp.

The bald man coughed and hacked for a while. “Last I remember, I was out on Park Avenue walkin’ back from a show in the states.”

“I was in my campus dormitory on Houghton Street before I woke up here.” Carter swallowed his saliva. A sense of confusion started to swirl between the two men as the reality of the situation sunk in.

The man sighed in disappointment. “Well, things are definitely more shit than I thought boy. Last we know, we ain’t even in London nor the big apple.” He walked out to grab Carter’s right hand for a shake as he lowered his gun. “Sorry bout’ earlier, didn’t know if I could trust you.”

Carter replied with a quick gesture to firmly grasp the rather elderly fellow’s hand. “Don’t worry about it.” He cooked up a wry grin, not entirely sure if what he had said was really the truth at all but it would suffice for now. “Well, let’s find an exit and get the hell out of here.”

And so they started to make their way through the old corridors of the building. Spider webs filled the cracks and corners of the cells that passed them by. The sound of rodents scurrying around accompanied them throughout the hallways. The cells were visibly old and probably had been abandoned for many years already. The concrete floor was stained in patches and blotches of yellowish brown matter, almost resembling the stains of fecal matter. It was a rather creepy place and both men wanted to get out as soon as possible.

Carter had learned that George, like him had been trapped in a cell when he awoke. The only difference was that George had a gun and key in his cell and had broken out with the key instead when the walls started to cave in on him. The cell was just two corridors away from Carter’s holding area and he counted himself lucky George made it to him in time before death ensued.

As they traveled on, the corridors started to grow shorter in height with each passing turn of the corner. They had been traveling in a zigzag motion and could feel soon that they were entering a different area as the concrete floor turned to tiles. After walking through 8 separate corridors, they finally reached a single door cladded in rusted metal. It looked like a door of a bunker, with huge metal screws outlining the sides of the door. A large rusted handle was set in place to the right hand side of the door which emanated an odd glow of warmth to it.

Carter set his hand on the handle and could feel a strange warm pulse coming from the other side. He twisted the handle and shoved the heavy piece of metal open. Bright light spewed forth from the crack of the door and then as it opened wider. Shining golden light illuminated the once dark and damp hallways into a magnificent glimmering gold. What awaited for them on the other side was magnificent.

“A ballroom.” Carter said as his eyes grew wide in admiration of the grandious sight before him. “Fitted with a piano too.” He noted as a giant grand piano sat at one end of the brightly lit room. An expensive looking chandelier hung from above and was the source of the glimmering light. Huge pillars of marble and granite held the room together accompanied with tastefully chosen wooden flooring of brown mahogany colored wood.

“Looks like another pair made it out.” A woman’s sharp voice sliced through the air towards them.

Carter took a step back, weary of his position. People started to emerge from behind the giant pillars. A total of 5 people walked out towards him. A stock big man in a blue and black checkered shirt, a rather skimpily dressed lady in a tight red tank top and blue jeans, a teenage girl in a heavy light brown windbreaker that stretched all the way to her feet, a boy with mushroom shaped hair in a turtleneck and a young little girl in a green dress holding a brown generic teddy bear.

“And you both are?” The woman in the tank top asked. Her demeanor seemed rather unwelcoming as if to suggest that she was uncomfortable with them around. Her eyelids flickered like the wings of a butterfly as she spoke out towards them.

Carter was about to speak when George stopped him. “Where’s yer manners.” The bald man asked.

“Don’t fuck with me.” A gun emerged from the palm of her hand and was pointed directly at George. She had somehow managed to produce a gun from what seemed like thin air.

“Neither should you.” He scoffed. The bald man had already raised his gun to her forehead.

There was a moment of intense silence. A stand-off was taking place. With both of their nerves on the trigger, they stared into each others’ eyes.

They were both looking to draw blood.

Written by HoiHoiSoi

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