Her sobs resonated within
the dimly illuminated room,
Face buried in her tender hands,
Tears streaming down her flushed cheeks.

Was it because of your job?
Where employees are oppressed,
Where you were worked till you were stressed,
Which led to you being depressed?

Was it because of your ex?
Who forced his way back into your life,
And tried to snatch away,
The woman of my life,
My dearest wife?

I swear I’ll make
Whoever it is
Suffer tenfold, no thousandfold,
For hurting
The one I hold most dearly.

No, she whispered,
As she looked up to me,
A sad smile playing itself on her lips,
Teardrops forming in her eyes
Please don’t, her last two words,
As she walked out the door,
And out of my life.

Engulfed in rage,
I slammed my hand onto a snowglobe,
Her gift to me
For our anniversary
Now, shattered like my dreams.

My left hand stung,
Shards of glass piercing my skin,
Only my fourth finger remained unharmed,
Protected by the ring,
Given to me on the night,
We exchanged our vows.

I stared down at my bloodstained hands,
Now coated by a sickening crimson red,
And only then did I understand,
That the cause of her grief,
Was none other than me.



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