Change In Update Schedule For Corridors Of Gunterlacs

Hey everyone! HoiHoiSoi here!

To everyone who is currently following the ‘Corridors Of Gunterlacs’ series, I’m really sorry to say that I will be extending my update schedule periods to give me more breathing time before I post up the next chapter. Currently I try to update every 4 to 5 days and I’ve found that its really taking up a lot of time especially since writing the story is roughly a two part process for me.

Just to inform you guys on how it all works, I have to firstly come up with the content for each chapter and then next I have to go on to proofread it about three to five times before I actually post it up. To tell you guys the truth, its the proofreading that’s taking up most if not all of the time spent on the production of each chapter.

So with the lack of time to churn out content and all that, I’ve decided to update ‘Corridors Of Gunterlacs’ only once a week, preferably every Saturday, so you guys can expect to read a brand new chapter every weekend. That should roughly bond well with my weekly schedule of work and what not.

My chapter length so far stands at around 2000 to 3000 words per chapter and I’m planning to stay there if not push for a bit more content since I’m extending my update periods anyways. But for now, I’ll try to stick on the current quota. Don’t worry, it won’t go below 2000, I’ll make sure of it, after all, its really hard to tell a story per chapter with less than 2000 words anyways, so expect the word count to roughly be maintained in that range.

Overall, I hope that you guys are enjoying the series so far and hopefully you guys can continue to support it. Remember to follow, like and comment if you are interested in the story and stay tuned for the next updates. Thanks everyone!



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