Richard Of York

Note: I have no idea what I’m writing about. Just saying. Once there was a man who lived in times too olden for one to recall its year. Thy name was Richard of York and thy man spoke with an accent filled with scorn of such of kings and beggars alike. Neither of which understood […]

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Corridors Of Gunterlacs: Chapter 14

“The second line is pretty self-explanatory I think.” Carter nodded. “The line ‘down came the rain’ probably means we have to go down the hill to find something.” “But find what?” Mariah asked. “I’m quite sure the second part of that line probably doesn’t mean anything.” He analyzed the ‘rain’ section of the phrase for […]

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Of Anchovies And Papaya Trees

Note: That is NOT my papaya tree. Merely a stock image. XD I have a papaya tree growing outside my house. It’s the cutest little tree you will ever see and I simply adore it. It’s growing great, perfect and oh so beautifully… …up until now that is. You see, last Sunday, while I was […]

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Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis. One of the things I really hate getting in the middle of the night. Heavens, it’s horrible for anyone who’s ever gone through it before. For people who are not too sure what sleep paralysis is, the definition of it according to Google (Cause Google knows almost everything) is: ‘Sleep paralysis is a […]

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