Richard Of York

Note: I have no idea what I’m writing about. Just saying.

Once there was a man who lived in times too olden for one to recall its year. Thy name was Richard of York and thy man spoke with an accent filled with scorn of such of kings and beggars alike. Neither of which understood what he said for the tongue he used was as time in itself.

One fine afternoon, Richard of York spoke with keen sense to the world above him.

“Geez, I wish I had some rice in this here lake here”

And without one secondeth too late, it was to be true, one of miracle which made him smile with scorn so deep that even the trenches of the world could not bare witness to him smile. Such is Richards words which were made of prophecy and power one could not hold true to him himself.

Surprised as he was smiling, he found with power comes great understanding of thy world above him. And so he spoke again.

“Geez, I wish I had some sausages”

And so it was granted unto him thy sausages from above. And thus he baked them in an oven and ate thy sausages and exclaimed.

“Thy sausage be as good as the earth. Nigh it tastes like dirt but it is of origin unknown to man alike. Shan’t praise thy gods above me and thy seeth thy power in thy words.”

And so he called himself the man of many miracles. Miracles of which would happen in his lifetime as he breathed the air around him in such vain understanding of human kind. Much like the words of his ancestors, he himself has obtained the words of Midas. King of Gold and silver. Touched by the power of the rings of lords long before him.

Gone were the days of his long suffering of boredom. For he is now the man of miracle by miracles for which created in miracles for thy name in miracles and miracles alike.

And so Richard of York went to the west where the world surrounding the era of Clandenstein and Rhugerbaric, clashed in a civilization of industrialization and cornerstone maximization of its intentional retentional sensational beuraucratism. Such was law of the countries of the western world. Filled with words of definition by of legal term which many do not comprehend its indignity of which makes up more of its pages of law and rule then the stories of those who had ruled once before. Much of which man kind has made to control weakness and to uphold order of the highest contention.

And so Richard Of York went to visit the kings of the land to tell them of thy power within and to spread the gospel that was the power of Midas he had inherited. Kings much forgotten in their own lands of the Yorkshire pudding saw of this man and bequeath him thy authority to control a land called ‘Burgenstein’ of the west side of North Clandenstein.

And so Richard spoke unto his audience on inauguration.

“My men. We are but fine folk in this land. But I shall bring upon change with wind across this baron land you call Clandenstein of the North. I shalleth bringeth thy name in vain for thou shall witness thy power.”

And so he spoke with an accent so thick none more could understand but for himself.

“Geez, I wish I had some alarm clocks for everyone”

And so it was spoken and sooner it be done. For everyone had a clock in their hand, not one less neither one more. This miracle they saw was indeed true as can be. And so all praised Richard that evening for an alarm clock was neither expensive nor cheap for the peoples to acquire. And so they scared in the street.

“Richard of York,
Son of the Hawk,
Thy name shall rule,
For thy words are thy tool.

Seeth thy power,
Believe thy name,
For the words of tower,
Comes not in vain.

He shall rule thy land,
He shall rule thy sea,
He shall all sand,
He shall have thy tea.

So praise the man,
Miracles he shall make,
Richard of York,
Praise thy fate.”

And so began the reign of Richard of York, now to be named Richard The Great. He became ruler of all Clandenstein and soon to rule all the world in his power.

Note: I still have no idea what I’m writing about

Written by HoiHoiSoi


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