Massive Overhaul For Corridors Of Gunterlacs

Hi everyone! HoiHoiSoi here!

Recently as I have had some feedback from a critic or two from the WebSerialFiction forums (Check it out! They have a bunch of very good authors there!) I have discovered that my writing does indeed lack in fundamental story telling elements all around which is dragging down the story. In simplicity the narration of the story is simply not good enough and thus it requires some massive revisions to be bring it up to standard.

As such, the series will be undergoing a massive revision in terms of presentation, language, style of writing. The plot points will still remain all the same but the style of the chapters will change to reflect a more dynamic tone and style instead of it being a moment by moment piece.

You can check out the version history of the chapters here if there is any confusion to why the presentation of the story is drastically different from one chapter to the other.The updates will be listed here:

You can still check out the chapters as it is although it may come about as abit more dry or flat (Ver 1.0 are all like that). Subsequent versions (Such as Ver 2.0) and so on will have a more comprehensive writing style. You can choose to wait for Ver 2.0 or just continue reading as the plot points will remain the same anyways. If you can’t tolerate flat writing, then I would advise for you to wait for Ver 2.0 to release. They will be updated as frequent as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and hope you enjoy reading!

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