We believe everyone has a story to share and these are just some we want to tell the world about. We hope you enjoy the various articles we have on the blog just as much as we did writing them.

We are an up and coming mostly fiction blog that prides ourselves in our writing and therefore content of our articles. We look to put forth quality fiction and non-fiction pieces for the enjoyment of our readers and also just for the fun of it. Our blog features a total of two main categories of articles, that being fiction and non-fiction. Fiction articles are pooled into the ‘Shorts’ and ‘Corridors Of Gunterlacs Series’ sections. The non-fiction articles are pooled into the ‘3 A.M. Thoughts’ and ‘Opinion Pieces’ section. We also do host a ‘Thought Of The Day’ section where you can find witty dry quotes that we update daily. All these sections can be found within the ‘All Stories’ tab on the upper right hand corner of the blog.

The current authors who we have on the blog so far are the following:

The writer of the ‘Corridors Of Gunterlacs’ series. He specializes in more long hauled story telling, putting in mostly narrative elements in his pieces that drives the many plots points and ideas he comes up with. He updates his series every Saturday and also contributes various column pieces at ‘3 A.M. Thoughts’ once in a while which is on every Tuesday.

Mainly contributing articles to the ‘Opinion Pieces’ and ‘3 A.M. Thoughts’ section as well, he writes with great emotion to the various articles he contributes to the blog. A very fine writer with thought processes as deep as the deep blue sea. His perception as a thinker and fellow connoisseur of thoughtful discussions and logical insights leads him to write pieces that truly reflects the matter of the situation at hand from a stand point only he can claim to be from himself.

Mainly specializing in extremely deep and somewhat depressing yet elegant pieces, he usually contributes his articles to the ‘Short Stories’ section. He has an extremely great descriptive writing style which fuses elements of the external world with internal emotions to create pieces of art. He sometimes contributes to the ‘3 A.M. Thoughts’ section as well.

If you have any inquiries with the blog or with the various authors of the blog, you may contact us at
Email: whenlemonsgivelife@gmail.com
Twitter: @LemonsGiveLife

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