Richard Of York

Note: I have no idea what I’m writing about. Just saying. Once there was a man who lived in times too olden for one to recall its year. Thy name was Richard of York and thy man spoke with an accent filled with scorn of such of kings and beggars alike. Neither of which understood […]

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Do you ever feel so afraid… So afraid you realise the truth that there is safety in numbers? So afraid that you do all you can to avoid the truth? So afraid that you become confused? So afraid you lose sense of who you are? Luminescessity

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An Eye For An Eye

Huff.. Huff.. Huff.. The serenity of the night was shattered by the sound of sneakers hitting concrete. The steps were as light as they were quick, barely grazing the ground. To regular passers-by, it was probably just a trick of the mind. Shrouded by the blackness of the night, only the most keen-eyed of individuals […]

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Star Light, Star Bright

*** Star light, star bright, The first star I see tonight; I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wish tonight. *** The rhyme echoed in my mind as I stood on the ledge of Sparx Hill. Despite my frequent trips to the peak, the view has never ceased to amaze […]

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